Ready-made garment – Bangladesh after China and Vietnam in the US market

Bangladesh has finally returned among the big boys of ready-made garment exports. After a long 15-month negative growth, Bangladesh recorded nearly two and a half percent growth in January in the ready-made garment export. Previously, in the year 2016, Bangladesh experienced exponential growth in September. In January this year, Bangladesh exported 490 million dollar worth of garments. The growth is 2.45 percent. In January last year, exports were $480 million.Bangladesh garments

Bangladesh has exported $5.06 billion dollar worth of ready-made garment in 2017, data available from the US Department of Commerce’s Office of Textile and Apparel (OTEXA) shows. It is seen that in January, the United States imported $ 7.05 billion worth of clothing from different countries. Growth is only 0.92 percent. According to the OTEXA, in January, Bangladesh has exported 181 million square meters of ready-made garments. In this case, the growth was 6.94 percent. In January, 6.32 percent of USA’s total garment exports went from Bangladesh. In December last year it was 6.33 percent. That means Bangladesh’s market share in the United States has increased slightly. China has always been the top exporter of garments in the United States. But the country’s export has decreased considerably. In January, they exported $ 2.34 billion in the United States. This is 7.24 percent less than the $2.52 billion dollars exported in January last year. China occupies 33.34 percent of total garment exports in the US market. Last year it was 33.66 percent. Vietnam is the second largest exporting country in the United States. Vietnam has exported $ 1.10 billion dollars in January. In this case, the growth is 1.09 percent. Vietnam’s market share in the United States is 14.4 percent. Bangladesh is the third largest garments exporter.

In January, Indonesia exported the fourth highest 410 million dollar clothing in the USA. India has exported the fifth largest with $340 million garments. India’s market share is currently 4.60 percent.

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