Teen caught driving at 246 km/hour

Ontario Provincial Police have caught a 19 year old man driving at 246 km/hour on Highway 403 in Mississauga, Ontario. Maximum speed limit on highway 403 is 100 km/hour, but the teen driver, who claimed to have borrowed the car from a friend, was caught doing 246 km/hour on February 5, 2019.

In response to the incident, the driver had his license suspended and the vehicle has been impounded for seven days, OPP said. Drivers in Ontario can be charged with stunt driving for going 50 km/hour over the speed limit. The financial repercussions are not small either. To get back the license following such an incident, the driver has to pay $180 PLUS the fees for the impoundment and towing. A conviction for stunt driving can go as high as $10,000. Recent fatalities in road traffic accidents have increased the public demand for tougher implementation of speed limits. Hundreds of people joined in the comments of the social media post of the OPP, demanding tougher punishment for the offender.

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